Treat. Prevent. Perform.

Over the years, I have developed a special interest and set of skills to help athletes (we are all athletes!) optimise their performance and recover from injuries. 


My approach is to design treatments and management plans tailored to the very specific needs of the athlete, in partnership with the athlete. This specifically involves:


  • Mechanics: teaching the foundation of functional movement principles and reviewing specifically with the athlete. I specifically look at the interaction between the athlete’s technique and mechanical load on the whole body.

  • Movement control: help the athlete to optimise their movement control through individualised skill sets. I specifically look at optimising the technique of the athlete in order to optimise the loading of the body in a controlled manner. 

  • Strength and Power training: looking at specific skill sets which can be easily integrated into the athlete training programme to optimise the functional movement principles. 

  • Return from injury: specific treatments and advice covering movement control, strength training and technique to help the athlete return to competition and prevent re-injury.

  • Programming: help to identify periodisation for pre-season and in-season training loads.


I like to work closely with the athlete so my input optimises the athlete’s training sessions, performance and helps with injury prevention.


I take the time to share my knowledge with the athlete as I believe empowering the athlete is key in their success.